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Family Law & Divorce

Family Law Is About Relationships

Family law is about relationships, both within the family and with society as a whole. There are certain rights and privileges accorded family status that are not associated with any other relationship. As with all rights and privileges, there are also tremendous responsibilities, and one of the most important of these is the care and rearing of children.

If you find that you are in need of a divorce attorney who is truly conversant with South Carolina divorce law, contact Franklin Law Firm at your convenience.

Divorce With Children

One of the most important aspects in considering divorce is the need to plan for the care of children from the marriage. Some of the typical concerns revolve around the following issues:

  • Child Support
  • Child Custody
  • Visitation
  • Spousal Support
  • The Adoption Option
  • Prenuptial Agreements

Child Support: No matter which parent is granted custody, the financial support of the children is really of paramount concern to both parents. One unanticipated consequence of the divorce proceedings is the unexpected, adverse financial impact divorce can have on children.

Whereas, prior to the divorce, the children enjoyed the joint financial support of both parents, now this support is divided and must stretch to cover the financial needs of two separate households. Good planning is essential if the children are to enjoy comparable financial security after the divorce. Contact Franklin Law Firm, LLC, to speak with an experienced child support lawyer and begin the planning process.

Child Custody: In years gone by, child custody was typically awarded to the stay-at-home mother. However, in recent years, more and more mothers have adapted to the changing circumstances that involve balancing the care and rearing of children with their careers. Conversely, some fathers have elected to become the children’s primary caregiver by staying at home while the mother provides the household’s financial support.

It has become much more challenging to devise child custody arrangements that meet the needs of all parties concerned. Franklin Law Firm, LLC has substantial experience in helping families come to terms with their child custody preparations.

Visitation: Because it is important for children with divorced parents to feel they are still part of a family, visitation with the non-custodial parent is vitally important to their emotional wellbeing. Additionally, visitation or parenting time arrangements are usually a part of the orders issued by the court subsequent to finalizing the divorce.

Unfortunately, some parents have found themselves in violation of the court-ordered visitation through noncompliance because they were unable to work out a satisfactory arrangement with their former spouse. Franklin Law Firm, LLC can assist you with these arrangements so that your children can continue to feel that they are still an important part of the lives of both parents. Contact our office for assistance with any matter related to visitation schedules.

Spousal Support: As part of the divorce decree, the Family Court often awards spousal support, or alimony. Even in these days of “no-fault” divorce, the state of South Carolina does take certain behaviors into consideration when determining spousal support as well as division of property. Additionally, you should know that spousal support is not gender-specific and can be awarded to either party in the divorce. Spousal support can be awarded for a set number of years or as a lifetime award. For more information and assistance, contact Franklin Law Firm, LLC.

The Adoption Option: There is no doubt that children are a blessing and add a special dimension to a marital relationship. However, today the privilege of parenthood is not just reserved for married couples. Many single adults are choosing to become the family for children in need of loving homes. Whatever your situation, if you desire to adopt a child, contact Franklin Law Firm, LLC for assistance.

Prenuptial Agreements: Marriage is a joyous and romantic event in the lives of two people who are coming together to form a family. However, the blessed state of matrimony is also fraught with certain business considerations and obligations. To assure that this marriage you are about to embark upon fulfills all of your expectations, both now and in the future, now is a good time to consider negotiating a prenuptial agreement to help you charter your course for the future. Contact Melissa Franklin Hill, your South Carolina prenuptial agreement attorney, for further assistance.

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